Glassy Flat

Transparent Paper Envelope

Glassy-Flat is a semi-transparent paper envelope designed as an environmentally friendly version of polybags, the traditional disposable plastic bags.

Capable of keeping products clean and protected from dust, Glassy Flat is ideal for transporting garments and accessories from the production plant to the warehouse and stores.

It provides the convenience and durability of plastic bags, but is more stylish, sturdy and above all sustainable.

As with the entire Flat Bag product range, Glassy Flat varies in volume depending on the size of the side gusset: the wider the gusset, the greater the volume of the bag.

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Based on the shape of your product, you can find the perfect envelope size by choosing the dimensions of the base, height, and side gusset.

Contact us and we will help you to find the perfect size for you.

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Degree of transparency

Glassy Flat is designed with a degree of transparency that allows you to read the information printed on the product inside and to scan barcodes.
However, the versatility of our machines allows you to choose the degree of transparency.

Adhesive strip
The envelope is available with or without an adhesive strip. The strip will grant more security to the shipment of products.


We print the envelope with your logo, making it unique!

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