The Evolution of Packaging

Flat Bag meets your needs
by making a tailor-made packaging
for your products

Our products

Flat Bag responds to new emerging market needs with paper packaging:
Save money and protect the environment!

Our sectors

Our paper bags were born for supermarket use only but soon they began to spread to other sectors such as apparel, pharmacy and wine.


Flat Bag was founded in 2009 with a name originated from its core production. Twenty years of experience in the paper and cardboard industry and solid technical engineering knowledge allowed the company to patent an innovative packaging solution.

Custom design

Flat Bag responds to new emerging market needs.
Thus, production lines are being adapted to the creation of new, fully customizable products. You can customize the size, the materials, the printing, the colors.


The simplified structure of Flat Bag packaging makes it possible to reduce the amount of paper used, the use of glues, CO2 emissions, transport and storage.

Flat Bag products are FSC-certified, pose no toxic threat to the environment and come from certified sources that ensure responsible management of natural resources.

Our clients

These are some of the major clients we have worked with over the years.

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