Paper envelope

A paper envelope, ideal for e-commerce shipping and gift wrapping.
E-Flat has a flat bottom and lower grammage than traditional paper envelopes.

Its volume varies according to the size of the side gusset: the wider the gusset, the greater the volume available.

Compared to an ordinary paper envelope, E-Flat is:

  • more convenient, because it reduces shipment and storage costs
  • more sustainable, because it reduces the amount of paper used
  • more capacious, because the side gusset increases space
  • more versatile, because its structure makes it suitable for multiple sectors.

All of this without reducing the degree of resistance: E-Flat is tear-resistant and can ensure the integrity of your products from sender to recipient.

Mindful of the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility, E-Flat poses no toxic threat to the environment.

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You can customize the size of the envelope to suit the product to be shipped by choosing the most suitable measurements of base, height, and side gusset.

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Paper type
E-Flat is made of kraft paper, which is known for its resistance to weight and tearing, ensuring a durable and reliable product.
You can choose the base color of your envelope: Avana or white.
Both colors offer an elegant and functional look that fits a variety of needs and styles.

The versatility of our production lines allows us to process and laminate different types of paper to manufacture unique products.

If you have a specific idea in mind for your envelope, please share it with us.

Adhesive band
You can choose a single adhesive strip, for simple shipping, or double adhesive strips, for shipping and return.


We print the envelope with your brand’s logo, making it unique and in line with your corporate identity!

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