Flat Sack

Paper bag without handles

The keyword of Flat Sack is simplification. Flat Sack is a practical and simple packaging, the sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags, but with the same functionality and greater grip.

Flat Sack is thicker than a common paper sack used in the baking industry, as it is more robust. The side gusset and the possibility of choosing smaller or larger sizes make Flat Sack the perfect solution for carrying products with small or even very large volume.

Slim and functional, Flat Sack is suitable for many products and sectors: pharmaceutical, fruit and vegetable, take-away, and apparel.

Mindful of the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility, Flat Sack poses no toxic threat to the environment.

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Based on your product you can choose the perfect size of the bag, selecting the measurements of the base, height and side gusset.

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Base color
Our products are made of kraft paper, which is weight and tear resistant. You can choose the base color of the bag: Avana or white kraft paper.


Print the bag with your brand’s logo and make it unique for your customers.

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