Flatbag Mini

Paper bag for fruits

Innovative, durable, sustainable

Our continuous pursuit of developing innovative packaging solutions has led us to create the Flatbag Mini, a bag designed for packaging fruit and vegetable.

Flatbag Mini is made from moisture-resistant kraft paper, ideal for withstanding the weight of the fruit and ensuring its proper preservation from harvest to the final consumer.

The handles, applied through a fully automated process, add value and enhance the product’s purchasing appeal.

Flatbag Mini is highly customizable in terms of material, size, and graphics.

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Sizes and color 

Based on your product, you can choose the perfect bag format by selecting the base, height, and side gusset dimensions. Increasing the side gusset increases the capacity.


Refer to the technical data sheet for standard sizes.

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We can make it happen for you!

A sustainable choice

Environmental sustainability is a key focus throughout the entire supply chain, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware and sensitive. Flatbag Mini is the sustainable alternative to traditional plastic trays.

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