Creating New Artworks

We often end up working with our customers' Marketing/Design Team.

Our ideas originate from a careful observation of the customer's logo and/or other graphics printed on their current packaging. The aim is to match the new graphics with the client's brand design.

Once the proposal for new graphics has been approved, some customers want to have a clear picture of their customised product is going to look like before proceeding with production. In this case we provide a graphic composition or, in certain cases, a hand-made plotter printed sample.


Creating a new artwork concept


Cutting Out the layout with new printed artwork


New artwork presented on a hand made sample

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Below you can see an example of a printing layout of one of our packaging items. Many of our customers download them exactly from this page (scroll down to download).


If your artwork is complex (e.g. some sides of the item are 100% printed and others parts are not), please send us your file in vector format so that we can provide you with all possible assistance and speed up the process.

Select Product


Flat Bag

Paper bags with flat handles.


E- Flat

Paper E-commerce/mailing evenlopes
or gifts packaging.


Flat Pizza

Paper band to wrap and carry pizza boxes.


Flat Sack

Paper sacks with no handles.

Download Printing Layout

Very Few Boxes of Customised Bags

Although our production minimums start at 8,000 - 10,000 pcs, we offer an overprinting service. This is a direct printing on items already in stock. Thanks to this technique, we can drop down to a minimum of 4 boxes.


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Smart Storage

Flat Bag items take up on average 30% to 40% less space than traditional paper bags and envelopes (Click HERE to find out how).
This translates into cost savings and space optimisation within your warehouse or shops/restaurant.

For this reason, when our client need a warehousing service, it is easier for us to offer it at lower prices.


We have a large warehouse that allows us to conveniently store both raw materials and finished goods.

Besides providing a storage service for customised goods, many companies benefit from our in stock available non-printed paackging. Non-printed items can also be customised and delivered in a very short time.

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